A Spiritual Oasis for Recovery

Rain Forest Recovery Center at the Rio Indio Lodge is a place where the Professional can go for exclusive addiction treatment.
We offer discretion in a secluded setting, understanding how important your privacy is and keep your treatment stay absolutely confidential at our spectacular Resort located in the heart of the exotic jungle sanctuary of Nicaragua’s Indio Maiz National Reserve.

Our effective ten-day stay focuses on personalized therapy sessions along with daily adventures. Once your decision is made and you Set a Goal for your ‘Quit’ Day, all necessary preparations are made for a smooth and stress-free arrival to our facility. This time sensitive, individualized approach, along with our team of addiction specialists, allows you to work on the tools necessary to live a sober lifestyle without questions or concerns due to any long-term periods of absence.

Rehab for the Professional:
Medical and Legal Professionals
CEOs and Corproate Executives
Educators, EAP Programs
All Individuals requiring Anonymity