Confidential Addiction Treatment in A Secluded Paradise

Smoking Cessation


A “Quit Smoking” Vacation Adventure

Our stop smoking retreat helps “take the misery out of quitting” and helps you accomplish your goals in quitting the Nicotine habit at our magnificent Resort  with a Certified Smoking Cessation Specialist in nicotine addiction.

This unique “Quit Vacation”, is the only one of its kind in the North or Central America. Not only will you finally “Kick the Habit”, but you are certain to experience a vacation adventure of a lifetime!

Why a Quit Vacation?

We understand that most people are nervous and even miserable on their quest to stop smoking, because they wonder if they’ll ever be successful – especially when attempting so many times before without success.

One of the best features in coming to the beautiful rain forest at the Rio Indio is that you will already have set your “Quit Date” before your arrival at our Resort!
You will have the benefit of a complete change in environment – especially during the early days when cravings are strongest.

“Quitting the Habit” – why this is so difficult

The hardest part in the decision to quit smoking are the first few days when cravings for nicotine are intolerable – which is why most never really make it through the first day.

We understand cravings come and go throughout the day and we are able anticipate and identify these “trigger times”. Our unique approach – with recreational activities already in place- are designed to counteract these cravings quickly and easily, making your goal for a smoke free life finally attainable!

Smoking Cessation Program

  • Informative education classes in Living a Smoke Free Lifestyle begins on as soon as you board our Riverboat ride from Costa Rica into the Forest along the jungle riverbeds to the Sanctuary of the Rio Indio Lodge.
  • Quit Day begins on Monday morning, waking to the sounds of tropical birds and monkeys cascading throughout the trees that surround our Lodge for a New Day, a New Beginning and a New way of Life.
  • Topic discussion groups are scheduled throughout the day at our Lodge and in between our Jungle Adventures targeted to reduce psychological and physical cravings. We will explore triggers, the risks of smoking and the benefits of abstinence to motivate you for goals to quit.
  • Evening Meditation Classes will be taught for stress reduction, implementing relaxation and self-soothing techniques for a healthier lifestyle to replace your nicotine habit in our private Recreation area overlooking our Pool and the Lagoon by moonlight.

Fun and Adventure 

  • Caribbean deep sea fishing for Tarpon, Snook, Rainbow Bass, or if you prefer, enjoy our Jungles’ River or Fly fishing expeditions with our native Indian guides.
  • Hike, kayak or relax in our Riverboat for our fabulous once in a lifetime photography tours for fauna, flora and wildlife.
  • Visit the remote Raman Indian Villagers who subsist off the land, deep within the Rain Forest. We will also plan an afternoon visit at the only town in Nicaragua dedicated to the Rama people.
  • Swim in our luxurious Infinity Pool at our Recreation Lounge, overlooking the infamous Captain Morgan’s Lagoon where most of our sessions will be held.
  • Enjoy our many indoor and outdoor Lounging areas, relaxing in the peace and serenity of the rain forest jungle.


“Making the decision to quit smoking with our help … is a decision you will never regret!  

All Inclusive Package Rates

Our All Inclusive Seven Day “Quit Vacation” is affordable to help you to attain your Goal for a smoke-free lifestyle,
returning home with confidence as a successful, Non-Smoker!

  •  $1800 per Participant / $1500 per Non-smoker companion.
  • Companions will participate in all Adventure Tours, but will not be able to participate in our Smoking Cessation classes.
  • Our All Inclusive 7 Day Quit Vacation Package includes transportation to and from San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica and is available first week of every new month.
  • Corporate Group packages can be tailored upon request

We request our Guests arrive in Costa Rica no later than Noon on the first Sunday of every new month.  We will provide all transportation to the Rio Indio Lodge by our Riverboat transfer along the Jungle shores of Costa Rica to the Rio Indio Lodge located in San Juan del Norte, Nicaragua.   We will begin our Smoking Cessation Classes on our Riverboat ride in preparation for your, “Quit Smoking Vacation” Adventure of a Lifetime!