Confidential Addiction Treatment in A Secluded Paradise

Our Program

scenery Our Mission

Our goal is to expedite the process of addiction recovery with primary focus on the spiritual component of recovery. This has been and always will be the ultimate goal in all modalities of treatment for those suffering from the disease of addiction. Unfortunately, chemical dependency treatment for those suffering from substance abuse consider the alcoholic/addict to be spiritually ‘bankrupt’, focusing instead on their “issues” in treatment, while viewing the spiritual component as the ‘end result’ of intervention. Often times, this intervention prolongs the desired outcome into a process that can last several months – in either outpatient, inpatient or long-term care.

At Rainforest Recovery Center, we know the reverse is actually truer and that the spiritual component is absolutely essential during the early stages of the recovery process to better equip our clients for success in achieving their goals for continued abstinence from all mood-altering drugs.

Rainforest Recovery Program

Traveling the beautiful San Juan River for a ten day client stay we will encounter the spectacular wonders of nature and wildlife along the jungle shores of the Maiz Rainforest with our clinical staff and native guides. We will visit the remote villages of the Native Rama Tribal Indians and bear witness to the daily challenges and struggles in a participatory and experiential journey, sharing the way of life of these native people whose lives are rich in family, faith and hope. Returning daily to the Rio Indio Lodge for meditation and reflection, you will enjoy in the peace and serenity as well as the adventures in leisure and recreation we have to offer at our lodge in this amazing tropical resort paradise in the heart of this pristine rainforest.

Rainforest Recovery Center utilizes the “12 Step, Back to Basics” approach in our clinical program as outlined in the original series designed by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, founders of the Twelve Steps Principles for recovery over a ten-day client stay where you will recieve personalized individual counseling and therapy sessions with our professional staff of addiction specialists. This approach in achieving abstinence has remained successful for over 70 years. Sadly, addiction treatment today chooses to limit this knowledge, keeping individuals trapped in the problem – which is basically a spiritual bankruptcy – and not focus on the solution of achieving the self-actualization that necessitates change.

Aftercare Planning 

While a recovery retreat like the Rainforest Recovery Center can provide you with a better understanding and practical ways of improving your quality of life without substances, the recovery process continues upon your return home. Structure is highly recommended during this transition period in order to keep you ‘on track’ for continued abstinence.

Upon completion of our ten day program, we will provide you with continued support from our resource of qualified addiction specialists for any on-going issues requiring clinical intervention, confident that you will now be better equipped with the tools necessary in confronting the very issues which kept your addiction active in the first place.

Recovery Coach

Our goal is to ensure that you are set up for success upon departure from our Rainforest so, you may choose to engage with one of our Professional Recovery Coaches located in your area.

A Recovery Coaches are professionally trained addiction specialist who can provide practical reassurance and support in helping to clarify and achieve your goals following discharge by maintaining regular contact with you over a specified period of time. Sessions are usually conducted by telephone, allowing for greater flexibility with your schedule. They will help review your progress, discuss any problems you may be facing and continue to help, inspire and motivate you throughout this early transitional stages of your recovery.

Smoking Cessation Retreat

We offer a Smoking Cessation Retreat, recognizing numerous desire among many as either part of our addiction services or for those individuals or perhaps groups of individuals with a desire to quit smoking. Smoking Cessation for Groups runs one week and is designed as a more Recreational Program for our clients with the therapeutic benefit of education and support by trained smoking cessation staff. “Quit Day” is scheduled the day of your arrival with completion of our program upon your departure from the Rainforest Recovery Center.

Our Intake Coordinator will be happy to provide you, your group or corporate members with specific details of this Unique Retreat program.