Confidential Addiction Treatment in A Secluded Paradise

Leisure Activities

In early recovery, we start to remember what ‘fun’ was for us in a world before drugs or alchohol consumed our lives. Once we become abstinent, our idea “fun” slowly begins to change and our need for excitement and adventure returns once more. Life becomes interesting and exciting again with a newfound freedom in sobriety – playing a key role in preventing relapse –  we learn healthier alternatives for stress, entertainment and relaxation. Our leisure time is dedicated in uncovering all that’s hidden within the beautiful rain forest enviroment, creating everlasting memories as you begin your journey into sobriety, enjoying all we have to offer with our adventure, sports and leisure activities.






In our down time, when one would normally turn to chemicals to relax and unwind, instead you will learn to have the options to participate in a variety of recreation activities which includes aerobics, cross fit training (for advanced or beginner) taught by Certified Instructors or utilize self-soothing meditation techniques taught for stress reduction and relaxation, finding and enjoying those activities that meet your particular personality style.

Our Infinity Pool and Recreation area overlook the magnificent view of the Lagoon where our daily individual therapy sessions are held, so naturally, swimming is always beneficial after any busy day. You can also enjoy our Sportsman fishing (deep sea, river or fly fishing), kayaking or just explore the flora, fauna, birding and wildlife photography tours with our experienced staff and native guides at your leisure.