Our People

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Dr.Alfredo “Doc” Lopez, Executive Director

An honored Costa Rican Physician trained in psychiatry, CEO of the Rio Indio Ecolodge and Co-founder of Rainforest Recovery Center.
Dr. Lopez envisioned in the vast untamed and unadulterated rain forest, a Lodge that not only would be an attraction for those seeking something new and adventurous, but an eco-friendly getaway that could serve to help protect the beautiful natural surroundings and create jobs for the local people. Doctor Lopez understands as a physician and humanitarian, the devastating effects of addiction on family and has been a long standing, pro-active supporter of those attempting recovery.
Staff Yvonne

Yvonne Testa, CASAC Director of Clinical Services

Co-founder of Rain Forest Recovery Center with nearly twenty years as a Certified Member of the Int’l Consortium of Addiction Specialists 
Yvonne arrived at The Rio Indio Ecolodge while traveling through Nicaragua and immediately fell in love with the heart and soul of the Native Rama people. Through eyes of a recovering woman, she recognized the healing potential in the peace and serenity of this pristine rainforest. While partipating in the activities and adventures offered, she found herself re-visiting the principles the 12 Steps of Recovery and knew these experiences were meant to be shared with others.
She began offering 12 Step Retreats at the Lodge and is now Co-founder of our Recovery Center, partnering with Doc Alfredo Lopez.
Visiting a Rama Home

Paul J Schonbrun DO, Medical Director

Dedicated humanitarian and adventurer, Doc Paul is experienced in emergency and austere medicine, becoming a recognized expert at providing high quality care in austere environments. Active in Humanitarian and Disaster Relief missions, including medical missions in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Haiti, the Middle East, the Philippines, and several trips to Nicaragua providing medical care to the Rama people.
Doc Paul will be joining us on all our jungle adventures outside the Lodge, taking you on a medical tour of the only Clinic available to the people of the rainforest. He will manage your primary health care throughout your stay and will aid in managing the physical discomfort or stress attributed to the early stages of abstinence with more holistic alternatives to chemicals.
Staff Steven

Steven Fusco CASAC, Clinical Staff

Steven’s professional training in chemical dependency and personal experiences in substance abuse have allowed him to work effectively with all populations of addiction in understanding the barriers presented for those attempting recovery. Steven is passionate in creating and an environment by creating the sacred space necessary to heal, let go of the past and move into a life unrestricted by drugs or alcohol.

staff Mike Lilla, Operations Mgr.

Mike Lilla, Operations Manager

Mike aka “Shiv”, a former U.S. Special Forces Sgt. Major, owns the “Bushmaster’s Jungle Survival School” which operates directly out of the Lodge serving special groups as well as individuals. Mike owned and operated a chain of restaurants prior to his involvement to the Lodge and now plays a pivotal role in oversees all daily operations and recreational activities for our guests, with particular attention our infamous Rama guided fishing expeditions that has now been featured in many Angler interest venues throughout the world.