Confidential Addiction Treatment in A Secluded Paradise

Our Detox Center

casadelsoul 1Some clients may require Detox Services prior to their arrival at our Rain Forest Center.  For these clients, Rain Forest Recovery Center offers a safe, Medically Supervised Private Detox Center, a home-like retreat center that sits in a remote location above the Nacascolo Bay along Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast. Our Detox Center offers comfortable, private facilities with comprehensive medical support. All inclusive suites feature balconies that overlook our spectacular oceanfront view.  This serene and tranquil environment offer an atmosphere that is conducive to all aspects of their physical, mental and emotional healing – all of which are essential during this phase of our clients goals for abstinence.

The Detox Process

During this stage, individuals will need assistance in allowing their bodies to recover from substances. Our experienced Physicians and private nursing care wll be available throughout your stay.  We recognize the importance of comfort and constant support by assisting the individual with one on one counseling sessions in understanding how their bodies are reacting to the withdrawal process from drugs or alcohol.

We will help you understand the physical and mental discomfort you face, easing anxiety or any physical discomfort with judicious use of appropriate medications. We also use the right combination of complementary therapies required to ease any side effects of the withdrawal process and help you gain confidence to survive and prosper beyond this difficult period, keeping you focused on your goals for abstinence.

On site at our facility, we have Recovery Support Coaches present – both male and female –  allowing our guests a smooth transition to be with other recoverying individuals who have gone though similar processes. Our support team will accompany our clients on walks along the bays or a three minute walk to an exclusive beach area that’s surrounded by nature trails with howler monkeys, parrots, and other wildlife animals present for simple pleasure and enjoyment.

Individual therapy sessions are on-going and once our clients are stabilized and ready, we begin our Journey into the Rain Forest.

Family Program

Casa del Soul features additional private guest Rooms where significant family members may join their loved ones while they go through this intense process.
Family members may also choose to meet their loved one here at Casa del Soul or at the Rain Forest Recovery Center following completion of our program to participate in our Family Therapy and Counseling services prior to their family members’ return home.

Family Therapy offers an opportunity for loved ones to heal wounds of the past due to the process of on-going addiction – which affects not only the addicted individual, but their significant loved ones, as well. Our Family program is designed to re-establish healthy family relationships and bonds, offering the family an opportunity to receive their own proper individualized counseling to ensure a realistic expectations and goals for a smooth transition into a life of hope, healing and continued abstinence.