Confidential Addiction Treatment in A Secluded Paradise


“All that is required is a commitment and a desire for change”

Our intake coordinator will provide you with all additional clinical and medical requirements prior to admission as well as financial costs of our all-inclusive program, which does not accept private insurance. You may request to speak directly to any of our physicians or clinicians on staff for any specific information. In the event you require additional services prior to admission, such as detox services from specific drugs, our staff will assist in finding a provider and continue to keep your anonymity absolutely confidential.

Completion and Aftercare

Rainforest Recovery will make any referrals if needed from our resource of qualified Addiction Specialists for on-going issues requiring continued care. We are confident that upon completion of our ten day recovery program, you will be better equipped with the necessary tools and healthier coping skills to confront the very issues which kept the addiction active in the first place.

Our clinical staff promotes further continuity for a healthy recovery by offering assistance to our clients by connecting them with other individuals in the professional community also involved in the on-going process of change. This connections serves as a bridge for a continued path on sobriety for a healthy and supportive environment in maintaining abstinence.

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This unique guidance system tailored into our program, helps our clients mainstream back into society with a recovery support network already in place upon their return home. This support ensures their safety net no longer relies upon chemicals, but on the very principles taught by our forefathers of addiction highlighted in our clinical program, guiding the individual in restoring feelings of dignity, self-respect and ultimately – security in freedom from addiction of all mood altering substances with a strong foundation in place for continued success in sobriety.